Seeds of Success Sprout with Daisies

With a community more than 50 million strong, participation in Girl Scouts has armed everyone from Condoleezza Rice to Kelly Clarkson with the courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place. For many, a lifelong scouting journey starts with Daisies in kindergarten and first grade.

While girls of any age can become Girl Scouts, Daisies is the most fundamental level of membership designed to welcome even the youngest of trailblazers into the fold. Many young girls learn about the Daisies program at school or from friends, family or classmates who have been involved, and it’s often a young girl’s first extracurricular activity. Daisies provides girls with a low-pressure environment to make friends, learn about the Girl Scouts mission and pillars, and—most importantly—have fun!

You can’t miss Daisies in their bright-blue uniforms adorned with a rainbow of patches. Most notable is the large Daisy-shaped symbol made up of colorful petal badges, each of which is earned through skills and activities that support ideals like being kind and considerate and using resources wisely.

“Girls who become Daisies learn to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions at a young age, enabling them to grow into capable leaders,” said GSWESTOK Director of Membership Support Jessica King. “The Daisy program provides an environment of purpose that equips girls with the skills they need to positively impact the world around them.”

Named after Girl Scouts founder Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, the Daisy program teaches young girls the importance of community service, teamwork, inclusivity, and even conflict resolution, shaping them into compassionate and empowered individuals. Engaging activities tailored to their age—from financial literacy programs to screen-free outdoor fun—prove it’s never too early to teach girls about STEAM, the outdoors, and even entrepreneurship.

By joining Girl Scouts at the earliest opportunity, Daisies gain essential life skills and leadership abilities aimed at helping them thrive in all aspects of their lives. In fact, according to the Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scout alums are more likely than other women to be satisfied with life—personally, professionally, and financially.

“When girls become Daisies, they’re entering a world of friendship and fun,” said King. “By sharing adventures and experiences at such a young age, Daisies lays the foundation for lifelong bonds and instills a strong sense of belonging in every participant.”

Daisies serves as an initial building block in the ongoing development of young girls as they grow in their scouting journey. Girls eager to take the next step can join Brownies, which further builds upon the foundation learned as a Daisy while challenging girls to try new things and explore their unique interests.

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