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Steve Mason selected as first Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma is excited to announce a brand new recognition honoring supporters of Camp Trivera and our Cookies & Cocktails event: the Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair. The honorary chair position coincides with the 10th anniversary of Cookies & Cocktails at Camp Trivera. 

This year, we’ve chosen to award this distinction to Steve Mason, longtime supporter of Girl Scouts and a member of our Board of Directors. Mason serves as the Chair of the Property Committee and is a regular donor to Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma. He is also a sponsor of Cookies & Cocktails. 

Steve will be recognized as the Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair at the Cookies & Cocktails event on Aug. 13. 

Steve is a natural first choice for this new award. He, alongside a group of volunteers, helped with crucial steps in the formation of Camp Trivera. 

Mason led the property committee that helped find and acquire land for the camp, interviewed and helped select the architecture and construction firms and made sure the project finished on-time, under budget to meet the needs of Girl Scouts of the future. 

His engineering skills and advice assisted in properly allocating money so Camp Trivera could be the best camp possible — making many dreams come true. 

During the process of creating Camp Trivera, Steve mentored several Girl Scouts who were helping with the project. He not only walked them through the process of what he was doing, but listened to their ideas for their camp and made them feel heard. 

Without Steve and the help of all our supporters and volunteers like him, Camp Trivera would have never become a reality and a success. 

The first Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair will be recognized with a plaque at Camp Trivera, listing all the co-chairs and honorary chairs going forward. A new Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair will be surprised with the honor each year going forward. 

Shannon Evers

Shannon is the CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, a planned giving donor, and a Gold Award Girl Scout.