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Supporting Girl Scouts Means Supporting Their Mental Health

By Shannon Evers / December 21, 2021

At Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, we know the importance of mental health — especially for our girls. From 2011 to 2017, major depression among teen girls increased from 12% to 20%, according to The rate of 10 to 14-year old girls admitted to emergency rooms after deliberate self-harm is on the rise as well, according to

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Destination Dugout: Providing Shade and Shelter for Athletes

By Shannon Evers / November 16, 2021

It was winter when Sayre Schaefer walked by the Lions Memorial Park in Norman, Oklahoma. She fondly remembered the time she spent playing softball at that exact park, but even the cold winter air couldn’t make her forget the Oklahoma summer heat and lack of shade during her games.

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Giving Women Confidence Through Crocheted Cleavage

By Shannon Evers / October 21, 2021

When Girl Scout Ambassador Victoria Heyvaert learned that one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she could do something to help. That’s when she was inspired to center her Gold Award project on creating comfortable non-medical prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies, an operation to remove a breast.

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Girl Scout volunteers gain time, valuable skills

By Shannon Evers / October 13, 2021

Volunteering for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma is a rewarding experience with countless benefits. Not only do volunteers get to help shape girls’ lives but they often improve their own lives in the process. Whether you are a corporate professional or a retired grandparent, there are benefits for volunteers in every stage of life, and the numbers show volunteering is a rewarding activity in many aspects of life. Here are just a few ways volunteering for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma can positively impact you.

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Bonding through Girl Scouts: a story of mothers and daughters

By Shannon Evers / September 29, 2021

At Girl Scouts, we know a thing or two about forming strong bonds and creating lasting relationships. The friendships between Scouts created while in Girl Scouts are lifelong, but nothing can beat the bond between a girl and her troop leader — especially when they’re already mother and daughter! Volunteering to be a troop leader is…

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Steve Mason selected as first Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair

By Shannon Evers / August 10, 2021

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma is excited to announce a brand new recognition honoring supporters of Camp Trivera and our Cookies & Cocktails event: the Honorary Cookies & Cocktails Chair. The honorary chair position coincides with the 10th anniversary of Cookies & Cocktails at Camp Trivera.

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From Brownies to CEO: Leading girls to become leaders

By Shannon Evers / June 30, 2021

In 1912, 18 girls gathered in the home of Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia and together, formed the first Girl Scout troop in the United States. Fast forward to the early ‘80’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, when I joined my first Girl Scout troop as a Brownie…

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